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Thank you for joining us. Tayla Street

From: Flowerdale, Central Victoria


When did you have the realization that you wanted to pursue Motorcycle Racing as a path?

I’ve always been surrounded by motorcycles from a very young age. I was at the track cheering my dad on when he was road racing.

Also, my family has a proud history in the sport already, especially speedway racing. Motorcycle racing to me was a natural progression that I wanted to be a part of just like my family did.

Who was your support network and how did they play a role in your achievements?

My family especially my Mum and Dad they have supported me from the beginning and continue to support me. Over the years I have met more people and made some lifelong friends in the racing community this also gives me support and encourages me, to ride the best I can!

What are your achievements?

Before I started Dirt track racing I was racing juniors in road racing

Road Racing

  • 2nd Junior 70cc Australian title

  • 3rd Junior 80cc Australian title

  • 2nd Junior 70cc Victorian title

  • 2nd junior 80cc Victorian title

  • 70cc Lap record at Winton Raceway 2013

  • 1st female to win an Australian title round

Dirt Track

  • 1st Pro open woman’s skylift hire series X2

  • 1st Pro Open Woman’s Victorian title X2

  • 1st Woman’s Australian classic title

  • 1st Pro 250cc AWMCC championship

  • 1st Pro Open Woman’s Harley club championship

Grass Track

  • 1st Pro Open Woman’s Mansfield Grass track series

What was your inspiration for the sport/industry?

The growth of female competitors in male-dominated sports. I would love for the woman’s classes in all disciplines to have full grids in both senior and junior classes.

Who’s your idol?

My idol is Ken Roczen (AMA Supercross rider), he is also my inspiration as he continues to keep pushing to better himself with his riding skills no matter how many setbacks he encounters.

What’s been the most challenging part…?

The most challenging part of racing in a male-dominated sport is gaining respect from male competitors as I wasn’t always treated seriously in racing.

Most girls, women, and ladies have rubbed up against acceptance hurdles in the industry; how did you combat this?

I have a strong support group of friends and family. I look up to professional riders and watch and observe, how they tackle their issues and keep moving forward. No matter how many times I get upset or shed some tears because a race didn't plan out the way I'd hoped. I look at it as a lesson and try to learn from my mistakes,  turning them into my strengths. I tell myself 'I can'  instead of I can't.

The biggest lesson I've learned is the harder you train and the harder you practice, success will come!

And, what would be the advice for up and coming females?

Look up the motorcycling woman on a sports website or Facebook pages for updates on upcoming events. Follow some female riders in different disciplines on social media and send them questions, if needed for some extra encouragement.


What’s your mantra?

If it is to be, it is up to me!

What’s your favorite driving song and music artist?

I love, Bring me the Horizon, it a heavy metal band. ‘Throne’ is my driving/riding song it gets me in the zone

What’s your ‘girlie thing?

I love make-up I love putting it one, it makes me feel so confident and I love being able to try different colors as a way to express myself.

Is there anything specific you would like me to talk about, please provide a bit of detail?

The Australian Classic Dirt Track titles. 8th &9th June

-The first time there was ever a female class, so they historically made at the dirt track.

-The first ever race meeting without my parents as they were in New Zealand.

- I don’t just race in the ladies class I race with the men also.

Do you need sponsorship and if so what for…?

I need financial sponsorship to be able to pay for travel, entry fees, gear, tires, and general wear and tear on the bike. Racing doesn’t come cheap, I work full time and when I take time off work to go racing I don’t get paid.

Your contact email and phone number.

Email: tayla.street@outlook.com.au

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