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Pyper Kent

From: Perth WA


When did you have the realisation that you wanted to pursue motorcycle racing as a path?

I was 6 years old and had been a competitive dancer since the age of 2 (yep crazy), I decided that I didn’t want to do 9 classes of dance a week and told my mum with lots of sass in my voice that it wasn’t my thing.. She asked me what was my thing and at the same time a motorbike went past…so I just said motorbikes..


Who was your support network and how did they play a role in your achievements?

My Dad got himself in so much trouble because he decided to buy me a quad, I guess he would have to be my first support as he encouraged it, much to my mum’s horror. Since then I have a lot of people encourage me and help me get to where I am today. Mum and Dad are number one then I have some very special people supporting me now. The encouragement from experienced female riders has been the best support and just simply by encouraging me.



What are your achievements?

I am currently the only WA participant chosen to compete in the Oceania Junior Cup in which I am competing against over 25 boys, this is for road racing. I held number 1 junior female for supermoto in Australia.


What was your inspiration for the sport / industry?

When I first started I had no idea about the sport or the people in it, since becoming competitive and deciding this was my career path I have been inspired to compete, to get better and aim high. I believe I am more inspired as it is such a male dominated sport and female numbers are low (I would love that to change)


Who’s your idol?

Wow, idols in the sport, where do I start?? Krystal Biffen here in Perth, Tayla Relph, Grace Poutch, Keegan Pickering and of course I have some male riders I like


What’s been the most challenging part…?

Being bullied by boys, being told I can’t because I am a girl, being pushed or knock on the track by boys just because I am a girl.


Most girls, women and ladies have rubbed up against acceptance hurdles in the industry; how did you combat this?

I remain positive, focused and keep an eye on the prize which is me being selected in the Asia Cup or being chosen as a factory rider. I just accept that I can’t change their behaviour but I can prove to myself that I can do it.. I have a saying I heard one of the factory riders say at ASBK…."I have a long memory" lol


And, what would be the advice for up and coming females?

Get out there and do it, only look back to wave at the boys as you pass them



What’s your mantra?

It’s about me, it’s not about them


What’s your favourite driving song and music artist?

Justice Crew Que Sera

Script Hall of Fame


What’s your ‘girlie thing?’

Unicorns, nothing like unicorns on your leathers to put the other riders off and braids for racing (my hair is super long)


Is there anything specific you would like me to talk about, please provide a bit of detail?

How there are not many girls in the sport and sometimes not enough support for the girls that are in the sport


Do you need sponsorship and if so what for…?

Sponsorship always helps, especially when I travel a lot on a regular basis. Helmet sponsors would be good, I wrote 2 off in one month lol.


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Pyper Kent

Mum – Sharon Kent


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