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Thank you for joining me. Miss Dale Velvet-Rose (Dale Mac Millan) from Port Macquarie NSW


When did you have the realization that you wanted to pursue Drag Racing/Motor Sport as a path?

I grew up with motorsport from a young age we went to Oran Park and Amaroo Park to watch the touring car races – and of course, the Hardie Ferodo (Bathurst 1000) was compulsory TV entertainment in our house. But when I was about 16 years old I was exposed to Drag racing – my cousin’s (now ex-husband) Mick Borg was crewing for his brother with his 6 cylinder Holden Rail – Mick had previously raced Pro Stock in an FJ Holden Short n Shaky and an altered. It was from these meetings that I attended over a few years that I realized I wanted to drag race.

Who was your support network and how did they play a role in your achievements?

My clients (from Business Mechanic) put me in touch with Leonie Maher from AWMN and I attended drag race training in 2007 through that association which included 3 of the best lady drag racers including Debbie Reed and Evelyne Scholz. It was Evelyne who encouraged and mentored me when I eventually got to the track to run my first meeting in June 2007. I was of course supported by Mick Borg who was again racing his record holding 6 cylinder Holden Nostalgia rail. It has been their support and my husband Noel’s support that has encouraged me to pursue my drag racing and my motorsport/gear head career.

What are your achievements?

I have drag raced Street Fighter bracket at Sydney Dragway and Won and was runner up twice. I have raced in the Street Series at Willowbank, Raced at Gunnedah and Casino. Also with my husband's encouragement, I have created a YouTube channel called Pin Up Girl Garage – which I am trying to show that Pin Up Girls aren’t just about glamour. Also in my Pin Up Competitions that I run I have a Garage section in which the Pin Ups have to tell me or guess the car part – I am proud to say I have given ladies new found love for their vehicles as well as older cars through this.

What was your inspiration for the sport/industry?

As I mentioned earlier – I pretty much had petrol in my veins so to speak from a young age – through my father’s love for motorsport and later in my teens, my father and I used to work on and fix our family Holden vehicles – HD & HR Holdens, LC Torana’s, etc.

Who’s your idol?

My idol started off being Peter Brock in the touring car ranks – later on in my drag racing, I was inspired by Mick Borg, his brother Joe and Evelyne Scholz. Evelyne inspired me by showing that women are brave and can do whatever they put their mind to – Evelyne raced motorcycles on the track and on the Salt and Swung on a Sidecar – she has held many titles in her career. My husband Noel has also introduced me to the feats of Shirley Muldowney in the USA – in a time when women found it hard to achieve in Motor Racing – she was doing it all.

What’s been the most challenging part…?

The most challenging part was finding out that drag racing using your daily driver was actually possible and then get the courage to get out there and do it. Time wise at the moment is my most challenging – as I struggle to get the time to race these days – I hope to get back on the track late July/Early August.

Most girls, women and ladies have rubbed up against acceptance hurdles in the industry; how did you combat this?

Being an accountant – I have quite often come up against acceptance hurdles – but I have learned that if you do good work and do your best that that shines through so that you are eventually recognized. The people that put up the hurdles are the ones that have the problem – not you. Most men accept me just as another drag racer – rather than a woman. I have always been happy chatting in amongst men about cars etc – so at the track it wasn’t an issue to chit chat with fellow competitors and gain their respect. I mainly try to concentrate on what I am doing and make sure that when I race I do my best – after all in drag racing – yes you are racing the other person in the other lane – but ultimately you are racing the clock also and aiming to be consistent – so that is the most important.

And, what would be the advice for up and coming females?

To not lose sight of your dream – not only in motorsport – but in life generally – usually, the negative people are the ones that are jealous that you are getting out there and doing it. If you tell enough people about your dream and what you want to do – you usually end up talking to the right people that can help you to make it a reality – even if it is just through encouragement.

What’s your mantra? Be A Girl with a Mind, A Woman with Attitude and a Lady with Class.

What’s your favorite driving song and music artist? When I first started racing I used to have ACDC blaring in my car – until someone said – how can you listen to your car properly – if it is broken! So those songs I used to play were Thunderstruck or Heat Seeker. But one of my favorite car songs is Little Old Lady from Pasadena – as the words to that song –  describes me to a T.

What’s your ‘girlie thing?’

My girlie thing is my Vintage Pin up - I have a business called Velvet-Rose’s Pin Up Dressing Room which sells Vintage and Vintage Inspired clothing and teaches workshops on Hair, Makeup, Department, and Etiquette. I have also won Titles in Vintage Pin Up and run Pin Up Pageants and Competitions.

Is there anything specific you would like me to talk about, please provide a bit of detail?

My Youtube channel Pin Up Girl Garage – is one of my favorite projects at present – as it combines my Gear Head side as well as my Pin Up Girl side. My husband Noel Mac Millan came up with the idea for this and the videos the episodes and supervises me when I do the work on my car etc. Noel is also a drag racer from Melbourne in the 1980s and 1990s – I am hoping that he gets back to the track again soon.

Do you need sponsorship and if so what for…?

I would love to get sponsorship for my Youtube channel – Pin Up Girl Garage as I would love to be able to take this further and interview fellow motoring enthusiasts, MCing car shows, doing promotional work, drag race at other tracks, do videos on car shows, do further work on my vehicle or other project vehicles etc.


At the moment my sponsors for my Drag Racing and YouTube channel is my bookkeeping business Business Mechanic and Velvet-Rose’s Pin Up Dressing Room.

Your contact email and phone number.

My email address is dale@velvetrosespinup.com.au

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