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Hey there, I’m Erika Armstrong

I work in local radio on a motoring program called Show us your Motor. We have a segment called ‘Girls Torque’

The objective is simple: ‘SPEED’

Support, Promote, Educate, Encourage, and Drive.


By Supporting amazing females who are bravely undertaking identity in the automotive and Motorsport arenas today.


We shine a spotlight and Promote; who these women, ladies and girls are.

What they are achieving and their journey’s progression.

Educating our listeners and Encouraging our future generation to – “Put what YOU ‘want to’ do in life ‘in Drive’ and go”!

I work alongside ‘GirlsTorque’ Australia. The dream involved creating an organization to provide a safe and unbiased forum, in which all women can inspire, promote, educate and support not only each other but also the next generation, through the medium of motor sport and associated industries.

Started in 2001 by Sue Corbett and Leonie Maher, and initially only located in NSW, Girls Torque (Australian Women’s Motor Sport Network), quickly grew to include members from all over Australia.

Girls Torque Motor Sport has continued to grow and evolve with the help of our support network. Many of our members, not purely limited to women, use the resources we make available to inspire future generations to reach for their dreams.


Whether that dream is to drive a race car, coach a team, wave a flag, work in the pits, or simply know that they have the choice to try. To us, peer to peer means sharing, inspiring, mentoring and paving the way to becoming strong and independent women.

Motor sport just happens to be the universal language we speak http://www.girlstorque.com.au/

Tune in for our GirlsTorque

Segment, Interviews - listen to the podcast or read up on our 'gasbag'  with great individuals below...

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