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Emma Begley - Show Us Your Motor
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Emma Begley from the Aeroflow Outlaw Nitro Funny Car Team


When did you have the realisation that you wanted to pursue Outlaw Nitro Funny car driving as a path?

I started racing at the young age of 11, however had been brought up around my home track in Perth, WA supporting and watching my Father Anthony Begley who has been racing for about 25 years. Ever since I was a young girl I knew drag racing was something I wanted to be a part of.

Who was your support network and how did they play a role in your achievements?

In my younger years and still to this day - my Dad, Mum and Little brother are my biggest supports. Because of my parents I have been given many wonderful opportunities, such as racing a junior Dragster. After that I stepped up into my dad 's Holden 'One tonner' at the age of 16. Following on with the ability to gain a license I moved on to my dad’s Outlaw Nitro Funny car at the age of 18. This then lead me to the opportunity of driving for  Graeme and Wendy Cowin.

I now drive in a team of 8 Outlaw Nitro Funny Cars, and one of those 7 other drives is actually my Father.

After being apart of this team there are many other people who I consider my support network such as Graeme and Wendy for believing in me and taking a chance on me.

Shane Olive (One of the other drivers) for being my mentor and teaching me what he knows.

And of course all of my crew and the boys that work in the Aeroflow shop. Without them race day wouldn’t happen!

What are your achievements?

Being the first girl to race in the Aeroflow Outlaw Nitro Funny Car series as well as being the youngest in the series.

I class myself very lucky to be only 20 years of age and driving for one of Australia’s most respected and talented drag racers, Graeme Cowin.

What was your inspiration for the sport / industry?

My inspiration definitely started back when I was younger, watching  my dad race but seeing other men and women competing in car racing too; because it was their passions.

To me I drag race because I love, not only the cars and the adrenaline of it, but I the atmosphere and the camaraderie.

I can definitely  say the race track feels like my home away from home, and I have met some wonderful people all around the word who all share the same drive and passion as I do, which is just awesome.

Who’s your idol?

I would have to say my dad is my biggest idol. I love drag racing because of him.

He got me into it at such a young age and since day one I have loved being involved.

However, the biggest reason he is my idol, is because over the years I have watched him work his way through the ranks driving super street, Supper Seda, alcohol funny car, door-slammers, nitro funny cars, top fuel dragsters and of course Aeroflow Outlaw nitro funny cars. 


From day dot and still to this day I know I am his biggest fan and have always wanted to follow in his footsteps to achieve as many great feats as he has.

What’s been the most challenging part…?

The most challenging part for me I would say would be learning to drive an Outlaw Nitro Funny car. A lot of people think oh its in a straight line how hard can it be?

Well actually there is a lot more to it, the driver has to be able to hear the motor and understand what sounds means and to make sure the car is going straight down the track at 420 km's /hr! 

To cut a good reaction time and make sure that we are pulling the shoots at the right second which all happens in a matter of 5 and a half seconds if time.

I would have to say that I have enjoyed the challenge and each time I'm back in the drivers seat I learn something new.  I think that will always be the case.

Most girls, women and ladies have rubbed up against acceptance hurdles in the industry; how did you combat this?

I would definitely say that I have not come across this in my journey, but for those who may have I say at the end of the day if you can drive the car then nothing should stand in your way.


The race car does not discriminate against whether you’re a boy or a girl and that is something the people around me have always taught me.

But personally I have found no matter who I come up against whether male or another female I know that it will be a tough race.

And, what would be the advice for up and coming females?

There is actually a quote that I found recently and I believe that everyone needs to know it.  What is the greatest lesson a women should learn?

"I believe that anyone can achieve anything big or small as long as you believe in yourself and you are your own supporter"

"That since day one, she already had everything she needs within herself'. ~ Rupi Kaur

So ladies dream big and strive high as nothing or no-one can stand in your way!

What’s your mantra?

A thing I do before each race, is get in the car on my own and ignore all distraction, just run through my routine over and over again.

This helps me to get into focus when it comes to race time.

What’s your favourite driving song and music artist?

Halsey would have to be my favourite music artist, I get in trouble at work for playing her too much. Her song ‘Eastside’ would have to be my favourite I always have it playing really loud on repeat...

What’s your ‘girlie thing?’

My Girlie thing would have to be make-up. I love doing my hair and make-up as well as others. I was in the fashion industry as a sales retail assistant at Universal Store, so I was able to express my creative side through my make-up and fashion wear. Yes, so definitely make-up has to be my ‘girlie thing’.

Is there anything specific you would like me to talk about, please provide a bit of detail.

Aeroflow Outlaw Nitro Funny care series.

This series is one of the best shows in Australia's Drag racing history.

Its 8 team cars, plus private teams, so up to around 16 Outlaw Nitro Funny cars, competing in events for a 'Rocket' Trophy at tracks all around Australia.

The series goes to big city tracks as well as some country tracks where we race  a unique Chicago shootout style, leaving each round with points depending on ET, quickest speeds, and Win or Lose.

The team with maximum points at the end of the night takes home the number 1 spot. There is also a second and third trophy that is up for grabs too.

Link to website: https://www.outlawnitrofunnycars.com.au/

Link to Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aeroflowoutlawnitrofunnycars/

Emma Begley Drag Racing: https://www.facebook.com/groovenAONFC/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/emma_jayne_34_