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Erika Armstrong (aka the Black Widow)


In keeping with equal opportunity, the new kid on the block is Erika Armstrong from New Zooland. Erika ‘dropped’ into this world by surprise, halfway through her mum’s solo Haka, where she landed in a disused “hangi” ditch full of black widow spiders. Unfortunately, she was bitten by the black widow and has lived with the psychological damage ever since. Erika’s mum tried to cover the scar left by the bite, giving Erika her first tattoo when she was just 5 days old. Her tattoo artist career began in kindergarten when she drew what looked like a vertical mushroom on the forehead of the class nerd. Erika’s passion for hot rods started when she found her uncle’s old ‘ford’ left deep in a paddock on the south island, after he had staggered out of the local pub late one night to drive home – he lived on the north island. He couldn’t remember where he parked it, or that he even owned it, so Erika claimed it in 1972, called it “Hell Bound Train” and immediately started doing it up. The Silver Train can be seen hauling around the roads of Hornsby.


Erika has the local Tattoo and Kustom Shop in Mount Kuring-gai.