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Music and Cars... whoa!

Some of the great features currently is having access to what is going on around the word, all at the tip of your fingers.

Here’s a few links to some collaboration music, rock renditions, and crazy car shenanigans!


5FDP Five Finder Death Punch is a hard-hitting rock bands that sky rocketed to be one of the leading heavy rock icons of today. I’m particularly loving this band for its cut throat lyrics and its fluff-less delivery, crossing genres and including the rat rod car scene. These guys hit hard vocally and visually, here’s a taste with their post-apocalyptic themed rendition of ‘the house of the rising son’. (5 stars from Erika – loving it!!)

Everyone knows of Metallica’s front man, but did you know just how much of a petrol head the lead singer is? James Hetfield is living most of our dreams with his eclectic collection of pristine Vintage, Hot-rod and customs… Check these and try not to drool! #Awesome

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Local Aussie Rock 'n' Billy

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